CageWeld pre-assembled welded cages are manufactured from weldable quality, hot rolled steel to SABS 920. The cages are individually manufactured or welded to specification and provide rigid reinforcing for piles and circular columns.


Using only hot rolled, weldable quality reinforcing bar to SABS 920, the main bars are positioned into a pre-drilled backing plate on the CageWeld machine to ensure the correct centres of the bars around the cage. Numerous plates are available to provide almost limitless combinations of spacings and bar sizes. As the backing plate moves away from the starting point, the binder is fed onto the revolving cage. The speed of the revolution of the cage and the speed at which the backing plate withdraws is computercontrolled to ensure the correct pitch of the spiral to the main cage bars. The spiral is welded to the cage, ensuring a rigid and robust reinforcing cage ready to be delivered to site as required.

Where necessary, for large diameter and heavy cages, additional stiffeners can be inserted into the cage to provide extra rigidity. Additional bars can be inserted if required at any stage.


CageWeld has been successfully used on many major projects and has met with the approval of many clients’ stringent QA requirements. Among other projects, CageWeld provides the bearing cages to the main access bridges at the OR Tambo International Airport, the Nelson Mandela stay cable bridge in downtown Johannesburg, all piling completed at Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga Ridge and interior columns to a major 600 Megalitre covered reservoir in Midrand.